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Welcome to the Undergraduate Studies Advising Website!

At Barry University, advising students is a responsibility shared by all faculty members. Advisors counsel students on course selection and assist them in making progress toward completing their degrees. Advisors also serve as mentors and help students clarify their personal and career goals.

Advisors are expected to be available and accessible to students. A willingness to listen to students, to spend time discussing their options and opportunities, and a solid knowledge of university policies, procedures, and services are the characteristics of a superior advisor.

This site has been designed to provide faculty advisors with ready access to advising policies and procedures. This information is organized into the following sections:

Advising policies: This section includes information on

AIS: The Academic Information Services database is an indispensable advising tool. This section includes a list of the most common mnemonics that advisors use to access information on course enrollments, student profiles, transcripts, and class roster.

Degree program: A degree program is a University approved area of integrated academic study. Upon successful completion of the course of study an academic degree is awarded which signifies the level of educational attainment associated with the program. Barry University offers degree programs at the bachelors, masters, specialist, and doctoral level.

Distribution Requirements: What courses can my advisees complete in order to satisfy distribution requirements? The answer is provided in this section, which includes a master list of all the courses that can be taken in each curricular area. The lists of distribution requirements courses offered during the current and upcoming semester are also provided.

General Education Requirements: This section includes information on the courses that have been approved to satisfy the General Education requirements in the School of Arts and Sciences. The master list of all approved courses and the lists of courses offered in the current and upcoming semester are included on this page.

Advisors can seek assistance from the Office of Undergraduate Studies (Lehman 313), or can contact Mrs. Elisa Pearson via telephone at 305-899-3055 or via email at for further information.

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