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Unified Messaging is the integration of email and voicemail into a single interface.  It allows individuals to access both email and voicemail using Microsoft Outlook or by dialing into Outlook Voice Access (2999 on campus, 305-899-2999 off campus).  The key features of Unified Messaging are:

  1. Voicemail being delivered as an attachment in your email.
  2. Outlook Voice Access.

Outlook and OWA

With Unified Messaging, missed calls will appear in your email with the phone number of the caller.  In addition, voicemail messages received will also be delivered to your email, allowing you to listen to the voicemail by playing the attached sound file. 

Outlook Voice Access

Outlook Voice Access is a feature that enables users to check and manage their voicemail, and retrieve email messages over the phone.   They can interact with their mailbox by using touchtone or voice commands. 

When users access their mailbox by using a telephone, they are presented with a series of voice prompts.  These voice prompts help them navigate the Unified Messaging (UM) system and enable them to access their mailboxes and do the following:

  1. Access voice mail
  2. Listen to, forward, or reply to e-mail messages
  3. Listen to calendar information
  4. Access or dial contacts who are stored in the global address list or a group in their Contacts
  5. Accept or cancel meeting requests
  6. Set a voice mail message to let callers know the called party is away
  7. Set user security preferences and personal options

Information on how to use Outlook Voice Access, including checking voicemail and the voicemail pin are listed below:

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