Work Orders 

Website Service Level Agreement

SchoolDude Priority

Emergency Request-Same Day

Emergency requests are any issue that may pose a threat to personal safety or cause property damage, such as flooding, no air conditioning during summer, or building-wide power outage

Emergency, Safety

Urgent -24-48 hours

Urgent request are not an immediate safety threat, but pose an interruption to the university’s critical operations, such as partial power outage, minor leak, hot/cold calls, or broken window and doors.

High, Safety

Routine- 15 days

Routine work orders represent any other standard services provided by Facilities Management-Maintenance, Housekeeping, or Grounds- which must be coordinated. Examples include key requests, small in-house paint projects, or hanging pictures. Please plan in advanced and submit your request through the work order management system.



Any work order that requires contracted services, purchase of special materials, permitting, or several hours of labor will be classified as a project. Depending on the nature of the project, the duration may range from several weeks to several months. The progress will be tracked in the work order management system.

Schedule, Safety