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The Barry University Mailroom is responsible for handling all inbound and outbound mail for the campus community. Inbound letter size mail is distributed to University departments and resident students daily. Large packages, and cartons for departments will be delivered as soon as possible, usually by the next school day. Additionally, the mailroom is the place where campus mail is separated and distributed to the departments.

All mail for University departments is placed in the department mailbox at least three times daily. Each department is expected to pick up the mail from its mailbox daily, using the mailbox key provided to the department. Only one key is issued per department to provide maximum security. A replacement key can be ordered from the Mailcenter if needed.

All campus mail must have a department name and the name of the specific person it is intended for, as well as the name and the department it is coming from. This ensures the mail to be processed faster.

Just outside the mailroom door are bins for the departments to deposit all mail. One is intended for outbound mail, another for campus mail. To speed up delivery, all mail deposited here should be pre-sorted accordingly.

All material for bulk mailings must have the approval for design from the Mailroom Manager to ensure it is in accordance with USPS for format, content, and mail ability. Notice must be given to the Mailcenter at least 10 workdays prior to delivery of the bulk mail to provide for provision of adequate mail funds.

All mail must be in the mailroom before 3:00 p.m. to be dispatched that day. Any mail received after that time will be held for the next day.

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