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Department of Marketing and Communications

The Department of Brand Marketing and Communications at Barry University works to promote the mission and identity of the University, as well as to ensure that all bodies of the University are properly marketed to internal and external audiences

We invite all areas of the University to continue or begin partnering with the Department of Brand Marketing and Communications to promote upcoming events, degree programs, University accomplishments or any other subject you believe should be advertised. All you have to do is submit a job request to get started.

How We Can Help

The Department of Brand Marketing and Communications works with the Barry community to create marketing strategies to reach specific goals that will impact the University, as well as the area we are working with. With each area, we are able to create a plan that can involve different marketing mediums such as social media, press releases, BUCWIS, Student Web, web pages, websites, email campaigns, myBarry, and online and print advertisements. These mediums help us to spread awareness for your area to internal and external audiences.

Track Your Brand Marketing and Communications Projects

Once you submit a job request, it will automatically load within our system allowing you to begin tracking the status of your project right away.

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