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The Search Committee recently interviewed 9 semi-finalist candidates at an off-site location. Each interview lasted approximately 90 minutes with questions from each member of the committee covering a wide range of subjects.  Prior to the interviews, the candidates were provided with additional information about Barry and were encouraged to visit the Barry web site to learn more about the university. During the interviews, the candidates were given an opportunity to ask the committee questions.

After the interviews were completed, the committee reviewed notes from the interviews and discussed findings from reference checks.  Both AGB Search and search committee members conducted these reference checks.  After deliberations and discussions about the semi-finalist candidates, the committee identified three finalists. 

As I have mentioned in the past, the General Council of the Adrian Dominican Sisters is required to provide their approval for a candidate to proceed to the Board. Interviews will be held via video conference with the finalists. 

The next step will be for the Board of Trustees to interview the finalists in the first week of March to identify a finalist. At the candidates’ request, we will be conducting the remainder of the search process in a confidential manner. As you know, the three candidates are currently in executive leadership positions at other institutions and have an understandable desire to maintain full privacy.

I want to thank the committee for their hard work, diligence and commitment to the process.  Each member has spent countless hours reviewing resumes, letters of interest and conducting reference checks.  Additionally, they also assisted in creating the profile document that was posted prior to launching the search.  Each member of the committee fully participated in an engaged and collaborative manner. Everyone had their voices and opinions heard by the committee.  I am proud of the way the committee conducted themselves in meetings and interviews. Barry should be proud of the faculty, staff, alumni and student committee members for their professionalism, competence and active participation.

I will continue to update the university community as we progress through these final steps.

Greg Greene
Search Committee Chair

Search Committee Members:

Trustee Representatives

  • Greg Greene, Chair
  • Tanya Davis, CPA
  • John Fumagalli
  • Jorge Gross, CPA
  • Heather Rohan, FACHE
  • Kevin Shaughnessy, Esq.
  • Sharon Weber, OP, PhD

Faculty Representatives

  • Rachel Deming, JD (Law School)
  • Leticia Vega, PhD
  • Carter Winkle, PhD

Staff Representatives

  • AnaMaria Rodriguez

Student Representative

  • Guia Ferguson

Alumni Representative

  • Jaime Lizotte


Earlier this week, the search committee met to review and discuss the full slate of thirty-seven candidates that submitted applications.  The committee has identified nine candidates that will advance to the interview phase of our process.  All nine will be invited to meet with the search committee for in-person interviews with a goal of identifying three or four finalists. 

We will then seek approval of the finalists from the Adrian Dominican Sisters.  The candidates that receive approval will then be interviewed by the Board of Trustees.   

We hope there will be an opportunity for the university community to meet the finalists, however, depending on their preferences for confidentiality, we do not yet know if this will be possible.

I will continue to update the university community as we progress into the interview phase of the search.

Greg Greene
Search Committee Chair


Happy New Year from the Chair of the Presidential Search Committee.

Our window to accept applications for the President position has closed and we received over 35 submissions for the committee to review and consider.  The committee along with the AGB Search consultants will convene in the next couple of weeks to review and discuss the slate of candidates.  Next month, in-person interviews will be held with a smaller group of candidates. We expect to interview up to 8 candidates over a two-day period.

After the in-person interviews are complete, the committee will recommend a group of finalists to meet with the Board of Trustees.  As mentioned prior, the Adrian Dominican Sisters will also review the finalists and give their approval. After the Board interviews are completed, a final candidate will be identified. 

This is a busy time for the committee and I want to once again thank each member for their commitment to this important task. I will continue to update the university community as we progress through these important final steps. 

Greg Greene
Search Committee Chair


The following is a brief update on the progress of the Presidential search.

The Presidential Search Profile was approved by the Search Committee, Board of Trustees and the Adrian Dominican Sisters in October and was posted here last month. The Profile describes the leadership priorities and attributes desired in Barry’s next President. It continues to be available in the AGB Search website: and in Barry’s intranet via this link:

 Presidential Search Profile

After the Profile’s approval, the search was launched nationally. Letters requesting nominations and expressions of interest, including a link to the Profile, were sent to thousands of higher education leaders across the country. In addition, on-line ads were posted on a number of higher education web sites. As of today, we have already received many inquiries, nominations and applications from impressive candidates. We are pleased with the level of interest in our search.

During Wednesday's Search Committee meeting, we received significant training in how to manage the selection process to ensure it is reflective of Barry’s Mission Statement and Core Commitments. More specifically, we discussed actions the committee can take to ensure a welcoming, fair and inclusive process that attracts qualified candidates. Committee members also received training in how to evaluate candidates based on the Presidential position priorities and the leadership attributes needed to accomplish those priorities.

Search Committee members have begun reviewing applications and will continue their review until our next meeting in January. At the January meeting, the applicant pool will be reduced to a smaller number of candidates who will advance and be invited to preliminary interviews with the Search Committee in February.

Please continue to consider individuals who might be strong candidates for this extraordinary leadership opportunity. Please forward your suggestions to our consultants Melissa Trotta, Ed.D. or Shannon McCambridge, J.D., LL.M. They will promptly respond to any nominations. Be advised that the identity of the nominator remains confidential. A number of you have already taken advantage of the opportunity to nominate qualified candidates. Thank you for your continued interest and support of this very important moment in Barry’s history.

The search is off to an excellent start and I look forward to staying in touch as it progresses. My best wishes to you and your families for a wonderful Thanksgiving.


I am excited to announce that we have launched the Presidential search. AGB Search will begin receiving applications from candidates through December 21st. Until then and for the next couple of months, there will not be any search activity to report. During this time, the committee will be refining our process and preparing for the next steps in the search.

To view a copy of the President Search Profile 2018 document, please click here. This document is used to educate candidates about Barry and to understand the priorities and job requirements we are expecting in our new President.

As promised, updates will be provided on this site when information is available.

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