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International Travel Information

  1. How to Register Trip. There are three options for University travelers:
    1. Input Travel Information at Weblink: Travelers can use this link to input their contact information, hotel information and air, rail, or car itinerary. Click HERE to access the “Getting Started--Manual Trip Entry” guide
    2. Email Itinerary. Travelers can also forward their itinerary to to be ingested into Worldcue® with a “cc” to the traveler. Please note that the itinerary, whether included in the body of the e-mail or as a PDF attachment, must be an original copy direct from a travel agency or airline. The system cannot ingest modified confirmations or links to itineraries. Click HERE to access the “Trip Sync” guide.
    3. Excel File Upload. Travelers can forward an excel spreadsheet of multiple travelers with travel details (travel dates, travel destinations, names of travelers, student/faculty status, identification, passports, immunization, etc) to Ryan Pineiro at
  2. Trip Planning Resource. A helpful resource for travelers planning an international trip is the Worldcue Planner located at: It helps the planner with health, culture, currency, transportation, security, language, visa requirements, telephone country codes, etc.
  3. Who Can Register Trip. The University provides international accident/medical insurance coverage for employees (their spouses, dependents and domestic partners) and for students in addition to casualty, employer’s responsibility coverage and other protections for its student, faculty and staff. Once registered, the traveler will coordinate through World Aware to receive appropriate care and assistance. HOWEVER, University travelers may use the Trip Registration service for domestic travel as well. It is recommended that Non-University members traveling on the same trip such as volunteers or family members be registered as well.
  4. Traveler Profile. Once registered, the traveler can upload documents into the Traveler Profile for easy access while traveling such as passport, immigration documents, immunization records, etc.
  5. World Aware Emergency Hotline Number. 1-312-470-3054 or This hotline or email may be used by an international traveler who needs emergency assistance.
  6. The University Travel Abroad Policy for Student Trips. The University Travel Abroad Policy for Student Trips must also be followed when international travel includes students. This policy may be found in Human Resources Policies and Procedures, “Travel Abroad Policy.”

For any questions, please contact the Office of Legal Affairs

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